Module: global_vars

If flika is loaded using:

from flika import *

then all of the variables inside global_vars can be accessed as g.*. For instance, to access the image inside current window, simply run:

I = g.currentWindow.image
flika.global_vars.m = None

The main window.

class flika.global_vars.Settings

All of flika’s settings are stored in this object, which is designed to act like a dictionary. When any value in this object is changed, this object is converted to json and saved in ~/.FLIKA/settings.json. When flika is restarted, this settings object is populated with values from this file. Settings can be accessed using g.settings.


Load settings file. The file is stored in ~/.FLIKA/settings.json


Save settings file. The file is stored in ~/.FLIKA/settings.json

flika.global_vars.alert(msg, title='flika - Alert')

Creates a popup that alerts the user. = []

list of windows – All of the windows that have been created and have not yet been closed.

flika.global_vars.traceWindows = []

list of TraceFigs – All of the TraceFigs that are open.

flika.global_vars.currentWindow = None

window – The window that is currently selected

flika.global_vars.currentTrace = None

tracefigs – The tracefig that is currently selected