Writing plugins

It is easy to extend flika by making your own plugin. To start, download the plugin template and put it into your ~/.FLIKA/plugins directory. (The ~ stands for your home directory. On Windows this is usually C:\Users\myname, where myname is your username.)

The directory containing your plugin must contain the following files

  • __init__.py - Plugins are python modules and have to be imported. This can be empty
  • about.html - The html in this file will be displayed by flika’s plugin manager.
  • info.xml - This specifies plugin metadata that flika’s plugin manager will use and display.

The info.xml file should look something like this

<plugin name='flika plugin template'>


    Author Name


    <dependency name='dependency_name_1'></dependency>
    <dependency name='dependency_name_2'></dependency>

    <action location='file_or_submodule_containing_function1' function='function1_name'>Function 1</action>
    <action location='file_or_submodule_containing_function2' function='function2_name'>Function 2</action>


The <menu_layout> is where you specify where in your plugin flika should for the functions that can be run by users.

Sample Plugins

If you’d like to contribute a sample plugin, please contact us.

Submitting Plugins

If you would like to submit your plugin to be displayed in the Plugin Manager, follow the instructions at Submitting plugins to flika.